Iron Lynx Lamborghini Reveals GTD Pro Lineup at Daytona

The Italian squad, Iron Lynx, has announced its participation in the upcoming IMSA SportsCar Championship endurance races. This includes the Endurance Cup, which consists of five long-distance races. Iron Lynx will be competing in the GTD Pro class at Daytona, with the support of two of Lamborghini’s Hypercar drivers, Mirko Bortolotti and Andrea Caldarelli. They will be joined by Franck Perera and Jordan Pepper.

In addition to the GTD Pro class, Iron Lynx will also enter two Huracan GT3 EVO 2s for the Daytona race in the pro-am category.

This announcement comes ahead of Iron Lynx’s highly anticipated Hypercar debut, and the team is determined to make a strong impression in the GTD Pro class. With the experienced lineup of drivers and the competitive Lamborghini Huracan, Iron Lynx is aiming for a podium finish at Daytona.

Exciting Lineup for GTD Pro Class

Mirko Bortolotti and Andrea Caldarelli, both accomplished Hypercar drivers for Lamborghini, will be leading Iron Lynx’s assault on the GTD Pro class. Their extensive experience and skill will be crucial in navigating the challenges of the Daytona circuit and securing a favorable result for the team.

They will be supported by Franck Perera and Jordan Pepper, who bring their own expertise and track record to the lineup. Perera, a French racing driver, has a wealth of experience in endurance racing and has previously competed in the GTD Pro class at Daytona. Pepper, a South African driver, is known for his impressive performance in GT racing and will undoubtedly contribute to Iron Lynx’s efforts.

Huracan GT3 EVO 2s in the Pro-Am Category

In addition to the GTD Pro class, Iron Lynx will field two Huracan GT3 EVO 2s in the pro-am category at Daytona. This provides an opportunity for talented drivers to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience in endurance racing.

The pro-am category often features a combination of professional and amateur drivers, with each driver taking turns behind the wheel. This format adds an exciting dynamic to the race and creates opportunities for unexpected results.

Iron Lynx’s decision to enter the Huracan GT3 EVO 2s in the pro-am category shows their commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting the growth of motorsport.

Looking Ahead to the Hypercar Debut

The announcement of Iron Lynx’s GTD Pro lineup at Daytona has generated anticipation and excitement for their upcoming Hypercar debut. As one of the leading teams in the championship, Iron Lynx is expected to make a strong impression with their Hypercar entry.

The Hypercar class represents the pinnacle of endurance racing, and Iron Lynx’s participation is a testament to their dedication and ambition. With a combination of skilled drivers, cutting-edge technology, and the iconic Lamborghini brand, Iron Lynx is poised for success in this new chapter of their racing journey.

As the countdown to the Hypercar debut continues, all eyes will be on Iron Lynx and their performance at Daytona. Fans and enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the start of the season, which promises to deliver thrilling action and showcase the best of what endurance racing has to offer.

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