Red Bull Ends Sponsorship Deal with Honda

Red Bull Ends Sponsorship Deal with Honda

Red Bull has been a sponsor of the works Honda team since the 2006 season, backing riders such as Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa. However, it was not until 2015 that the Austrian company’s logos appeared on the bike’s livery, coinciding with Marc Marquez’s debut in MotoGP and his championship win in his rookie season.

Since then, Red Bull’s distinctive logos have adorned every Repsol Honda bike on the MotoGP grid. But now, the energy drink brand’s contract with the Japanese manufacturer is coming to an end.

This marks the conclusion of a 15-year partnership between Red Bull and Honda in MotoGP. While the reasons behind the split have not been disclosed, speculations have been circulating in the paddock.

The Future of Red Bull in MotoGP

Many are wondering what Red Bull’s next move will be in the world of MotoGP. With its extensive involvement in various motorsports, the company may choose to redirect its sponsorship and resources to another team or a different series altogether.

It is worth noting that Red Bull currently has partnerships with multiple teams across Formula 1, rally, and other racing disciplines. Whether they will continue their support in MotoGP or explore new opportunities remains to be seen.

Impact on Repsol Honda Team

The end of Red Bull’s sponsorship deal with Honda raises questions about the future appearance of the factory Repsol Honda bikes. The departure of a major sponsor like Red Bull inevitably leaves a void, both aesthetically and financially.

Repsol Honda, one of the most successful teams in MotoGP, will need to find a new partner to fill this gap. The search for a replacement sponsor will be crucial for the team’s continued success and competitiveness in the championship.

The MotoGP Sponsorship Landscape

The departure of Red Bull from Honda signifies a shift in the MotoGP sponsorship landscape. It creates an opportunity for other brands to step in and secure their presence on the grid.

Sponsorship plays a vital role in the financial stability of teams and the development of cutting-edge racing technologies. As such, it is likely that teams like Repsol Honda will actively seek new partnerships to ensure their ongoing viability.


While the specific details surrounding the end of Red Bull’s sponsorship with Honda remain undisclosed, the termination of this long-standing partnership will undoubtedly have ripple effects in the MotoGP community. As Red Bull explores new horizons, the search for a new sponsor becomes a priority for Repsol Honda. Only time will tell how this transition will shape the future of both parties involved.

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