Lawson’s Rise

Lawson’s Departure from Super Formula

Lawson’s Departure from Super Formula

After narrowly missing out on the Super Formula title to Ritomo Miyata in the Suzuka finale, Liam Lawson bid farewell to the series. Lawson, who had substituted for Daniel Ricciardo at AlphaTauri during his five grand prix starts, made a strong impression on the F1 paddock.

Despite his remarkable performances, the New Zealander was not selected for a permanent seat in Formula 1. However, Red Bull Racing has expressed interest in having Lawson as their standby driver in 2024.

A Promising Talent:

Lawson’s F1 debut was met with acclaim from fans and insiders alike. His confidence and skill behind the wheel caught the attention of many, establishing him as a promising talent to watch.

The 2024 season holds potential for Lawson to secure a full-time seat in Formula 1. Red Bull Racing’s eagerness for him to be their standby driver indicates their belief in his abilities and future success.

Narrowly Missing Out:

In the climactic Suzuka finale of the Super Formula championship, Lawson came close to claiming the title. After a thrilling battle, Ritomo Miyata emerged victorious by the narrowest of margins.

This near miss only served to highlight Lawson’s remarkable skill and determination throughout the season. Despite the ultimately disappointing result, his performance was widely acknowledged and praised.

Farewell to Super Formula:

With his Super Formula journey coming to an end, Lawson took the opportunity to reflect on his experience in the series. He expressed gratitude for the chance to compete and grow as a driver. Lawson also expressed his appreciation for the support he received from fans and the Super Formula community.

Looking Towards the Future:

Although Lawson’s immediate future remains uncertain, his strong performances have undoubtedly opened doors for him in the world of motorsport. The potential offer from Red Bull Racing to be their standby driver in 2024 is a testament to his talent and the belief others have in him.

As fans eagerly await news of Lawson’s next move, it is clear that his journey in motorsport is far from over. With his impressive debut in Formula 1 and strong showings in Super Formula, he has firmly established himself as a rising star.

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