Rising Star O’Sullivan Drives for Williams

O’Sullivan, the 2021 Aston Martin Autosport BRDC Award winner, is set to showcase his skills on the Formula
One stage as he joins the Williams team for the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The talented driver will have
the opportunity to gain valuable experience and further mileage during the rookie test that follows the race

One of the rising stars in the Formula 3 series, O’Sullivan emerged as the best-placed among the four Williams
juniors. Throughout the season, he showcased his exceptional talent by securing four wins and finishing second
overall, right behind recent McLaren signing.

To support the development of young drivers, Williams has also chosen Franco Colapinto, another promising graduate
from the Formula 3 series, to share driving duties with O’Sullivan in the second FW45 during the rookie test.
This remarkable opportunity allows these talented drivers to demonstrate their potential and contribute to
the team’s success.

The Williams team has always been known for nurturing young talent and providing them with opportunities
to shine in the world of Formula One. With O’Sullivan and Colapinto joining the team, the future looks incredibly
bright for Williams as they continue to invest in the talent of tomorrow.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide, as it marks the end of an exhilarating
season of Formula One racing. With O’Sullivan making his debut on the Formula One stage, there is a sense
of excitement and anticipation surrounding his performance. Motorsport enthusiasts will be watching closely
as he takes to the track in the iconic FW45 and showcases his skills to the world.

It’s an opportune moment for O’Sullivan to gain valuable experience and impress the team with his talent. As
a member of the prestigious Williams team, he has access to top-notch resources and guidance from experienced
professionals, which will undoubtedly aid in his development as a driver. The rookie test following the race
weekend offers the perfect platform for him to demonstrate his potential and leave a lasting impression on
the team.

The Williams team has a long-standing tradition of nurturing young drivers and providing them with opportunities
to grow and succeed in the highly competitive world of Formula One. O’Sullivan and Colapinto’s inclusion in
this test is a testament to the team’s commitment to fostering talent and investing in the future.

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