Porsche’s Return to the Top of Sportscar Racing

Porsche’s Return to the Top of Sportscar Racing

Porsche has made a triumphant return to the highest level of sportscar racing after the successful conclusion of its 919 Hybrid programme in 2017. This year, Porsche’s involvement in the World Endurance Championship and IMSA SportsCar Championship goes beyond just a factory team, as several privateers are also running the 963 LMDh on a customer basis.

The Introduction of LMDh Rules

The LMDh (Le Mans Daytona hybrid) rules were carefully devised to attract both manufacturers and privateers to compete in endurance racing. These rules allow for the use of common chassis and hybrid systems, which significantly lowers the costs for teams. This approach has been key in enticing independent teams to enter the championship and expand the grid.

Porsche’s Customer Car Programme

One of the most notable aspects of Porsche’s involvement is its customer car programme. With the introduction of the 963 LMDh, Porsche provides the opportunity for private teams to compete at the top level of sports car racing. This customer car programme allows teams to purchase and run the 963 LMDh as their own, while still benefiting from Porsche’s expertise and support.

Expanding Reach and Competition

By allowing private teams to participate in the championship with customer cars, Porsche has significantly increased the overall reach and competitiveness of the sportscar racing series. This not only brings more diversity to the grid, but it also opens up the possibility for smaller teams to vie for victory against the established factory teams.

Collaboration and Support

Porsche’s involvement in the customer car programme goes beyond merely selling cars to private teams. The manufacturer actively collaborates with and supports these teams to ensure their success on the track. This includes providing technical assistance, access to data and resources, as well as driver development programs. By fostering strong relationships with their customers, Porsche proves its commitment to the growth and development of sportscar racing as a whole.

A Winning Formula

With Porsche’s return to the top echelon of sportscar racing, their customer car programme has proven to be a winning formula. Private teams equipped with the 963 LMDh have showcased impressive performances, challenging the established factory teams and achieving notable results. This highlights the effectiveness of Porsche’s approach in creating a level playing field and allowing for fair competition among a diverse range of participants.

The Future of Sportscar Racing

Porsche’s commitment to its customer car programme signals a promising future for sportscar racing. The affordable and accessible nature of the LMDh rules, paired with the support and collaboration from manufacturers like Porsche, will likely attract more private teams to enter the championship. This increased competition will undoubtedly enhance the excitement and spectacle of sportscar racing, making it a must-watch for motorsport enthusiasts around the world.

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