The American Andretti outfit’s bid for F1 entry

The American Andretti outfit is hoping to agree a commercial deal with FOM to enter F1 from 2025 at the earliest, after being given approval to join the series by the FIA. However, the approval from the FIA does not guarantee that FOM will approve Andretti’s bid.

Challenges and Doubts

FOM questions whether or not there is a tangible benefit to grand prix racing in adding an extra team to the grid. Additionally, rival teams are also against the addition of another team, raising further doubts about Andretti’s entry into F1.

Commercial Deal with FOM

The American Andretti outfit is currently negotiating a commercial deal with FOM to secure its place in F1. This deal will determine the terms and conditions under which Andretti will participate in the championship, if approved.

Future Prospects

If the commercial deal with FOM is finalized and approved, Andretti will be able to make its debut in F1 as early as 2025. This will mark a significant milestone for the American outfit, as it enters the prestigious world of Formula 1 racing.

The American Andretti outfit’s bid to enter F1 in 2025 is still uncertain, as it awaits approval from FOM. The evaluation of the tangible benefits to the sport and the response from rival teams will play a crucial role in determining whether Andretti will become the newest addition to the F1 grid.

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