Rally Champion’s Return to Hyundai

Rally Champion’s Return to Hyundai

Rally Champion’s Return to Hyundai

Champion Racer Tanak Makes a Comeback to Hyundai for 2024

In a surprising turn of events, Tanak, a formidable figure in the world of rally racing, is set to make a much-anticipated return to Hyundai for the year 2024. Having departed from the team previously, with a year still left on his contract at the conclusion of the 2022 season, Tanak joined the M-Sport team for the current season. During his time driving the M-Sport Ford Puma, Tanak, the remarkable 2019 world rally champion, triumphed in two noteworthy rallies, one in Sweden and the other in Chile.

Despite showcasing prowess with impressive victories, Tanak’s season was also plagued by a series of misfortunes that swerve his path away from consistent success. Looking for a fresh start and perhaps drawn by the allure of past successes, Tanak has made the decision to rekindle his relationship with Hyundai. The move suggests a bid to reclaim the winning momentum in the next phase of his rallying career.

Preparations for a Thrilling WRC Season

With the announcement of his return, it’s clear Tanak is wasting no time getting back into the rhythm with Hyundai. He is scheduled to take the helm of the i20 N rally car this very month, signalling the start of his preparations for the upcoming season. Such early preparations indicate Tanak’s commitment to leaving no stone unturned in his quest for rallying dominance. His return has set the stage for a highly-anticipated comeback within the World Rally Championship (WRC) circles and amongst fans who have keenly followed his career trajectory.

Tanak’s move back to Hyundai is seen as a strategic one, considering the manufacturer’s well-documented commitment to rally sport and the continuous advancements in their race cars. The reunion brings together a skilled driver with a team that has proven capabilities in creating competitive racing machines, which is essential for tackling the demanding terrains of the WRC.

The Future of Rally Racing with Tanak and Hyundai

As the racing world looks ahead to the 2024 WRC season, the team at Hyundai is likely to integrate Tanak’s insights and experiences to refine their vehicles further. The collaboration between a world champion driver and an innovative team promises to push the boundaries of what is possible in rally racing. Enthusiasts of the sport are already anticipating what this partnership will yield on the race tracks, especially considering Tanak’s desire to add more titles to his legacy.

His early engagement with the car is an indication of his dedication and perhaps a hint at the aggressive approach Tanak plans to take as he gears up for the next season. With an entire season of rally racing ahead, there are sure to be twists, turns, and potentially more victories that await Tanak upon his return to Hyundai. Only time will tell if this move will steer Tanak back to the pinnacle of the WRC podium.

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