Upcoming Season for British Racer


New Article: Upcoming Season for British Racer Jamie Chadwick


The 25-year-old Briton is coming off a respectable rookie campaign where she earned five top-10 finishes, including a season-best sixth (Portland). With that, though, off-season preparations are already well underway, and it was kickstarted with the Chris Griffis Memorial Test at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course on Oct. 20.

The Second Indy NXT Season

Jamie Chadwick, the rising star in the racing world, feels relaxed and ready for the upcoming second Indy NXT season. The talented young driver is determined to build upon her successful rookie campaign and make an even greater impact this time around.

Chris Griffis Memorial Test

To kickstart her off-season preparations, Chadwick recently participated in the highly anticipated Chris Griffis Memorial Test at the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course. Donning an all-black firesuit, she exuded confidence and determination as she hit the track.

Looking Ahead

With the test session behind her, Chadwick is now focusing on the upcoming season. She has been closely working with her team to fine-tune her skills, improve her performance, and gain an edge over her competitors. The young Briton has shown great promise and is poised to make a mark in the racing world.

Expectations and Goals

After earning five top-10 finishes in her rookie campaign, including an impressive sixth-place finish in Portland, Chadwick has set high expectations for herself. She is aiming to consistently compete for podium finishes and challenge for race wins in the upcoming season.

Support and Sponsorship

Chadwick’s talent and potential have not gone unnoticed. She has garnered support from fans and sponsors who believe in her abilities and are eager to see her succeed. With their backing, Chadwick is motivated and determined to prove herself on and off the track.


The stage is set for Jamie Chadwick to shine in the second Indy NXT season. With her impressive rookie campaign behind her and rigorous off-season preparations underway, all eyes are on the talented British racer. As she gears up for the upcoming season, she carries with her the determination, skill, and support needed to make a name for herself in the racing world.

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