Verstappen Tops F1 Mexico FP2

Verstappen Sets the Pace in F1 Mexico GP FP2

Daniel Ricciardo, Lando Norris, Max Verstappen, and Alex Albon took turns leading the pack during the first 15 minutes of the one-hour session. However, it was Verstappen who ultimately claimed the top spot with a time of 1m19.511s, using the standard 2023 Pirelli C4 medium tires instead of the prototype variety he initially started on. Verstappen had to make a pit stop to have a visor tear-off removed from his rear suspension before setting his benchmark lap time.

In the second free practice session of the Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix, Verstappen showcased his speed and skill on the track. His impressive lap time put him ahead of his competitors and set the tone for the rest of the session.

Strong Start from Ricciardo, Norris, and Albon

Before Verstappen’s dominance, both Ricciardo and Norris had their moments at the top. Showing their prowess behind the wheel, Ricciardo and Norris displayed consistent performance and competitiveness early on. Similarly, Albon also had a brief stint leading the field, giving fans an exciting start to the session.

Verstappen’s Resilience and Record-breaking Lap Time

Verstappen’s ability to quickly adapt to different tire combinations and his aptitude for setting blistering lap times were evident in FP2. Despite the interruption caused by the visor tear-off on his rear suspension, Verstappen remained focused and delivered an outstanding lap time to establish himself as the frontrunner.

By utilizing the standard 2023 Pirelli C4 mediums, Verstappen demonstrated his skill in maximizing the potential of the tires available to him. His record-breaking lap time not only secured his position at the top but also showcased his exceptional talent as a driver.

An Exciting Session with Ongoing Battles

The second free practice session of the F1 Mexico Grand Prix provided fans with plenty of thrilling moments and intense battles on the track. With multiple drivers vying for the top spot throughout the session, the competition was fierce.

As the drivers pushed themselves and their cars to the limit, the session showcased the skill and determination of each competitor. From Verstappen’s dominant performance to Ricciardo, Norris, and Albon’s strong start, the stage is set for an exciting race weekend in Mexico City.


Verstappen’s impressive lap time during FP2 of the F1 Mexico Grand Prix solidifies his position as one of the favorites for the upcoming race. With his remarkable resilience and ability to deliver outstanding performances, Verstappen continues to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with on the track.

As the drivers prepare for the rest of the race weekend, it remains to be seen if Verstappen can maintain his dominance and secure a victory in Mexico City.

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