Hamilton’s Mercedes Career

After spending seven years with McLaren, Lewis Hamilton made a significant move to join the Silver Arrows team in 2013. This transition marked the start of an extraordinary partnership that would result in numerous achievements for both Hamilton and Mercedes.

Record-Breaking Title Success

Since joining Mercedes, Hamilton has played a pivotal role in leading the team to record-breaking title success. During his tenure, he has secured six drivers’ championships, establishing himself as one of Formula One’s greatest talents.

Early Victories

Although the introduction of 1.6-litre turbo hybrid V6 engines in 2014 favored Mercedes, Hamilton showcased his skills during their first year together. In the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix, he achieved a remarkable victory for the team, demonstrating his ability to adapt to new circumstances and excel on the track.

The Legacy Car

One historical artifact that serves as a testament to Hamilton’s early success with Mercedes is the car he drove in his first Formula One race win with the team. This legendary vehicle is set to go on auction at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, providing fans with an opportunity to own a piece of motorsport history.

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