Qatar’s Massive Overhaul Transforms Lusail Race Venue

Qatar Race Organisers Undertake Massive Overhaul of Lusail Venue

As part of its return to the F1 calendar, Qatar race organisers have taken on the task of giving the Lusail venue a complete makeover. The Lusail venue, which hosted its first event in 2004, has undergone the first resurfacing in its history. Additionally, all the kerbs around the track have been revised, a move that was initially received positively.

The revisions to the kerbs were particularly significant because at the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix, they caused several problems for drivers. Yuki Tsunoda, in particular, labeled the revised Qatar F1 track kerbs as “a floor destroyer”. With this negative feedback from drivers, it became evident that changes needed to be made to ensure a smoother and safer race experience.

A New and Improved Surface

The resurfacing of the Lusail venue is a key part of the massive overhaul. This major project aims to provide drivers with a high-quality track that meets international standards. By completely resurfacing the circuit, organizers hope to eliminate any bumps or irregularities that may have been present previously.

The new surface will not only improve the overall racing conditions but also enhance driver safety. A smoother track allows for better grip and stability, reducing the risk of accidents caused by unpredictable shifts in the car’s behavior. Ultimately, this will make for a more exciting and competitive race for both drivers and viewers.

Revamping the Kerbs

Aside from the resurfacing, the race organisers have also focused their attention on the track’s kerbs. The kerbs play a crucial role in defining the track boundaries and preventing drivers from exceeding the limits. By revising the kerbs, organizers aim to create a balance between allowing drivers to push the limits and maintaining safety.

The revisions to the kerbs are expected to address the issues faced by drivers during the previous Grand Prix. It is crucial to ensure that the kerbs are not overly punishing and do not cause damage to the cars. By carefully reevaluating the design and construction of the kerbs, the organizers aim to create a track that is both challenging and safe.

Enhancing the Race Experience

The extensive overhaul of the Lusail venue demonstrates Qatar’s commitment to hosting top-notch Formula 1 races. By investing in upgrades such as resurfacing and revising the kerbs, race organisers are actively working towards creating an unforgettable race experience for all involved.

The changes made to the Lusail venue will not only benefit the drivers but also the spectators. A smoother track and safer kerbs will allow for more exciting overtakes and strategic maneuvers, making the race even more thrilling to watch. Additionally, the improved racing conditions will elevate the overall quality of the event and further establish Qatar as a premier destination for motorsport.

As the F1 calendar welcomes the return of the Qatar Grand Prix, fans can anticipate an upgraded Lusail venue that promises a memorable and action-packed race. With the careful attention given to resurfacing the track and revising the kerbs, Qatar race organisers are stepping up their game to ensure that the 2022 event is nothing short of extraordinary.

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