Brazil Race Tracks

Brazil is home to some of the most thrilling and exciting race tracks in the world. From the flat winding roads of the Parana International Raceway to the steep curves of the Interlagos racetrack, Brazil has something for every kind of racing enthusiast.

The Parana International Raceway is located near Sao Paulo and features a variety of challenging turns, elevation changes and long straightaways that make it a favorite among drivers. It is also home to the Brazilian Stock Car Championship, one of the most popular series in the country.

The Interlagos circuit is located in the city of Sao Paulo and is an exciting and challenging track. It is known for its steep curves and undulating terrain that make it a difficult course to master. The Interlagos circuit is also home to the Brazilian Grand Prix, the most prestigious race in the country.

For drivers looking for a more relaxed track, the Autodromo de Goiania is a great option. This track is located in the city of Goiania and is known for its wide and open turns and long stretches of smooth asphalt. It is home to the Brazilian Formula 3 Championship and the Super Bike GP series.

Finally, the Autodromo Internacional Nelson Piquet is located in the city of Rio de Janeiro and is known for its fast and technical turns. This track is home to the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the most popular race in the country.

Whether you’re a casual driver or an experienced racer, Brazil is sure to have a racetrack that will satisfy your needs. With its variety of challenging tracks, thrilling races and beautiful scenery, Brazil has something for everyone.